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The best part of vacation is the feeling of getting away…getting away from work, from your busy life and daily routine.

But what about when you want to escape all that and the crowds?

The Perfect Location

East of Santorini Island you’ll find Anafi, an ideal tourist-free getaway, the hidden gem of Cyclades and literally the home of tranquility.

This place has something for everyone, whether you’re a hiker, seeking spiritual sustenance, or just looking to lie on a private beach with turquoise-blue waters slipping away from overcrowded Santorini for a couple of days. 


There are ferries from Piraeus to Anafi about three-four times a week. The trip is long and takes about 11 hours. Alternatively, you can travel to Santorini with the daily routes of any company and from there travel to Anafi in about two hours with the NEL Lines.

The most comfortable way to get to the Island of Anafi is by renting private Jet or a helicopter. Use a private aircraft for the whole journey from your starting point in Greece when travelling to the Anafi or combine an airline flights and private aviation, to reach the island.


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